COED 6130 – Finance for Sport Coaches

This course is designed to address a fundamental need at all levels of amateur athletics – the financial management of sport programs as well as the necessity to raise funds to support the program. We worked to address the fundamental issues of financial management and the fund raising process.

The Finance for Sports Coaches was one of the classes that I looked forward to taking.  As we all know, finance is big for every team and organization.  One of the assignments that we had to do was an assessment of our facilities, equipment and personnel.

Assess the current state of facility management, equipment management and personnel management within your current organization. Make recommendations for improvement in each area.

Knoxville Sports Training Complex

Facility Management

We currently have a 5 year old training complex that has one building used as a weight room, mixed martial arts training and offices, one field house that has a turf field that is 60 yards long x 40 yards wide, one concession stand and an open turf field that is 100 yards long x 70 yards wide.

Since the facility is nearly new, we are focused on building better training programs before any plans are discussed for expansion. However, there is one area, in my opinioin, that needs to be improved is the parking lot. There is ample parking but the parking lot is made up of gravel instead of pavement.

Equipment Management

Our weight room has nearly new free weights, medicine balls and running track. Outside, we have football pads and dummies in excellent condition as well as the down markers and score placards. There are several sets of soccer nets of various sizes to allow the soccer to be taught for different age groups. My equipment recommendation is to have Electronic Scoreboards installed for fields instead of the current score placards.

Personnel Management

Besides the two owners (who also work on-site), there are 12 paid staff members and 30 volunteer football coaches. They also allow outside coaches to come and train athletes from other sports. My recommendation for Personnel is to hire some part time coaches to help in the evening time to help relieve some of the workload for the full-time staff.